Log Home Living

Welcome to Log Home Headquarters – your site for log homeowners, present and future. We Simple Log Homeare all about log home construction and log home maintenance. We built our first log home back in 1971 in Uxbridge, MA and since then we have been helping people throughout New England construct and care for their log home.

If you have arrived at this site, you obviously know that the log home is one of the most unique homes to build and to live in. And maybe that’s what you like about them. There are many ways to describe the character of a log home. Some people would say Custom Log Homewarmth; others might use the word strength; for others peacefulness comes to mind. One thing is certain, no one would say boring! However you put it, there are few homes that generate the same passion or enthusiasm as a log home.

We have been selling and building the log home lifestyle for many years. Some of our homes have been grand and glorious; others a bit more modest. On this site, we will try to detail our experiences with log homes. Some of what we describe here will be our day to day experience with projects and customers. At other times, we may provide information useful to current and future log home owners.

Log Home Window InstallationLog Home Replacement Windows
Replacing windows in a log home however is not the same as changing them in a conventional home. The connections between logs and windows are unique. In some cases, windows will fit cleanly into existing frame stock.

Log Sided Gable DormersLog Home Dormers
Add a shed dormer or a gable dormer to your log home and gain more headspace for your rooms upstairs. Despite the heavy timber roof systems, log home dormers are an option for the experienced log home builder.

Log Home FinancingLog Home Financing
Whether you are building a log home or buying a log home, the steps in financing are the same as those of a conventional home. But it certainly helps to use a bank with log home financing experience.


Log Home Porch RepairLog Home Porch Repair
Our construction crew recently rebuilt the front porch of a Real Log Home built back in 1967. Aging porches can be a problem area for log homes. Here are pictures showing the porch repair before, during and after.